Education Cert. Professional Organizer FdL

Since 2018 the goal of this education is to form new passionate Professional Organizers in a profound way. It offers full support from 9 different lecturers. This leads to high-quality professionals who are ready for their customers.

The training is only available in German

Traininig Content

In the training to Cert. Professional Organizer FdL you will acquire the skills to successfully support your customers with large and small organizing projects. 

The focus is on learning how to deal with customers, as well as on tidying techniques and marketing know-how and setting up a sole proprietorship. 

Training dates

Lehrgang Zert2024Frühjahr: 26.1.2024, 9.2.2024, 1.3.2024, 15.3.2024, 22.3.2024, 12.4.2024, 19.4.2024, 3.5.2024, 17.5.2024, 1.6.2024 (Samstag), 14.6.2024, 28.6.2024

Sold out, 

Lehrgang Zert2024Herbst: 16.8.2024, 30.8.2024, 6.9.2024,
13.9.2024, 27.9.2024, 18.10.2024, 25.10.2024, 1.11.2024, 15.11.2024, 23.11.2024 (Samstag),
29.11.2024, 13.12.2024 

Sold out. Waiting list available

Alternative: Both courses 2024 are currently fully booked. You may find the course “Home organizing with Family members and Friends” an alternative. Click here to go to the corresponding page

Courses 2025: The training to become a Cert. Professional Organizer FdL will be continued in the same form in 2025. The call for applications will be published on this page by mid-July 2024 at the latest. Would you like to be informed when enrollment is open? Then I look forward to hearing from you so that I can inform you in good time.


Structure of the course

Tidying techniques and order systems (6 days)

  •  FEEderleicht-Method
  • Japanese method of tidying up
  • Impact of junk
  • Fengshui and space clearing
  • Online Coaching
  • Order office, computer files, E-Mails
  • Cleaning up with people with special needs
  • Cleaning up with kids
  • Dealing with messies
  • Minimalism
  • Order systems
  • Labeling
  • Sustainability and “where to put it”
  • History of the profession
  • Professional associations
  • Personal practice day with Caroline Bamert included

Psychological aspects and integral coaching (2 days)

  • Illnesses related to order problems
  • Empathetic customer support
  • Working emphatically with customers
  • Letting go
  • Mindfulness
  • Integral coaching
  • Including 1 hour personal integral coaching with Eleonora Wojnar
Marketing, One-man business, insurance and contracts (3.5 days)
  • Introduction Marketing
  • Finding your personal niche and target audience
  • Personal marketing concept
  • Finding the company name
  • Website know-how, images and texts
  • Use of the social media
  • Create logo
  • Visitenkarte erstellen
  • Starting own business
  • Contracts
  • Insurances
Practical exam (0.5 Tage)

You guide a customer through the tidying up process in writing and solve the tasks set.

The exam takes place on the morning of the last day of school.

Facts and Figures

Duration of the training:





Haus Fassade


Eleonora Wojnar

Michaela Schmid

Caroline Meier

Nadine Spycher

Caroline Bamert

Head of Education

Information meeting

FEEderleicht does not offer a general information evening but appreciates the personal conversation. This is absolutely free and without obligation. The meeting takes place in Rheinfelden.
Contact me to make an appointment. I look forward to it.


Everything you need to start your career as Cert. Professional Organizer for Fr. 4'390 

Includes all teaching materials, individual integral coaching, individual mentoring, certificate, snacks and drinks 


Nadine Spycher

Nadine Spycher, Ormalingen

With the training to Cert. Professional Organizer FdL at Caroline’s training you get all the tools you need to act as a Professional Organizer yourself. The mix of theory and practice is brilliant. The knowledge and experience from Caroline’s many years of work are very inspiring, helpful and totally exciting. I also really appreciated the individual expert modules on Marie Kondo and Co. The group size is optimal and the premises in Rheinfelden are just “cosy“. If you want to become a Professional Organizer, I warmly recommend the training with Caroline Bamert.

Dominique Gemperle

Dominique Gemperle

Caroline is an authentic, humorous and warm person. I immediately felt at home in the certification training to become a Cert. Professional Organizer FdL. The hours are super structured, exciting and varied, which is why the training days fly by. You learn a lot of exciting things about marketing etc. and have an insight into the various tidying techniques. I’m still totally enthusiastic and would do the training again at any time.

Caroline Meier

Caroline Meier, Sempach

I benefited a lot from the training with Caroline Bamert for the certified Professional Organizer. At the beginning of my apprenticeship I had little idea about the topics being taught, but by the end of school I felt like a little expert after I received my diploma. I found Caroline to be very competent, she happily passes on her knowledge and is very helpful. Even after my apprenticeship, she was by my side with tips and tricks. I can really recommend Caroline’s offers. I notice how Professional Organizing is Caroline’s business at heart. Thank you dear Caroline!
Lyne Kesselring

Lyne Kesselring, Oberwil

The apprenticeship was very exciting and the warm manner of Caroline was the icing on the cake 🥰

Monika Singer

Monika Singer, Zürich

The training at Feederleicht is comprehensive in every area and you are well prepared for the business as a Professional Organizer. The training hours with Caroline Bamert were interesting and took place in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Michaela Schmid

Michaela Schmid, Laax

What I appreciated most about the training was Caroline’s flexibility, the exchange with classmates and lecturers, as well as the lessons on various tidying techniques, which enabled me to develop my own way of professional organizing. At this education you also learn how to set up your company, how to best organize and market yourself. I am proud of to be a Cert. Professional Organizer FdL and can warmly recommend this training.

Franziska Rosenbaum

Franziska Rosenbaum, Unterterzen

The training at FEEderleicht in Rheinfelden and online has greatly enriched my everyday life during the difficult Covid period! 

The exchange with classmates is very valuable and the inputs from Caroline are absolutely helpful and are immediately implemented in practice! I can highly recommend the training to everyone who would like to become a Professional Organizer!

Claudia Brand Bern
All of my expectations for training as a Professional Organizer have been met. The 10 school days – due to the corona, the last half in distance learning via MS teams – were very interesting and instructive. The participants were also able to contribute ideas and experiences in the classroom, which was very enriching for everyone. I am happy to recommend this training to others, because their is still a need of a lot of Professional Organizers, who will accompany their fellow human beings on their way to a more carefree life without clutter!
Claudia Brand
Jeannette Grindat

Jeannette Grindat, Bern

When Caroline Bamert enters the room, the sun rises. The fairy form FEEderleicht exudes cordiality, warmth and experience. An enrichment as a person as well as a trainer and Professional Organizer.

Nicole Schmidlin, Muttenz

Caroline lives her logan «FEEderleicht” (light like a feather) by teaching with a lot of heart and passing on her valuable specialist knowledge. She thinks positively and has a sensitive feeling for people.

Elmar Walthert, Kleinwangen

Dear Caroline, I would like to thank you very much for the great training time! Every time I was very motivated to come back to Rheinfelden to experience the exciting content, your experience reports and the great exchange among the participants. Your enormous commitment and your passion for training can be seen every minute and it is a real pleasure to be part of your FdL community.