Declutter your whole home

If you don’t know, where to start, how to sort out, where to bring your discarded things and you would like to go through the process of organizing with success and motivation – don’t hesitate to ask me for support

Approach of coaching

House full of history

We live in a big house, our children still have a lot of their stuff here. As well we have a lot of things of our parents, who passed away. We have so much space, but every place is taken. Sometimes it feels, like we break under all this stuff, not know where to go.
Couple in front of house
We wish to live in the environment, that feels light and fresh, not in a house that feels like a dusty museum or storage hall
senior couple sitting on the couch

Downsizing for seniors

We lived a happy life in our house, but now the day has come, that we have to move in a small appartement or in a senior home. It feels good to downsize. But we have to leave a lot of things behind. It is not easy, to choose the things, that are most valuable for us and let go the things not needed and highly appreciated.
We wish to live in a small apartment, that feels like our old home, with all the loved pieces around us.

Holiday Appartement

We have a very nice holiday apartment in the alps. All the stuff, we didn’t want at our home, we place here, so we don’t have to go through the pain of letting them go. But when going on holiday, it feels like going back in life and we can not really enjoy our holiday appartement.

Holiday appartement

We wish to live in our holiday appartement in style as we do at home. We don’t want to get the “Back to the future” feeling in our holidays anymore.

Entrümpeln Sie Ihr ganzes Zuhause


We are moving! Before packing, we want to decide on the things we take with us and the things we want to let go of.

We want to start in our new home only with the things we love or need. Our new home should feel light and fresh, like our new phase of life.

No time

I am a businesswoman and everything works perfect – except my home. I like to shop and bring new things in, but not find the time and motivation to sort out and organize. It feels like I need a bigger Appartment, but not want to move.

Entrümpeln Sie Ihr ganzes Zuhause

I wish, that I only have a number of things, that my Appartement feels the right size and I feel really comfortable and relaxed when at home.

Entrümpeln Sie Ihr ganzes Zuhause

New love

Ready for love! The wish your heart made is to find a lovely partner. But you’re feeling bad, when you imagine, bring somebody to your home, because there is clutter everywhere.

I would like to live in an organized home, so when falling in love, I can invite my darling to visit and stay.

Everything you need for Declutter your whole home Fr. 110/hour

Includes all equipment you need during sorting out and travel expenses up to 25 km from Rheinfelden (km 25+ Fr. 1.20/km)