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If you want to feel light and fly, you have to let go of everything that pulls you down…

All about me... how the story starts...

My life is mainly characterized by letting go of professional activities. It was never difficult for me to recognize when it was time to set out on new professional paths.

After 10 years at lofty heights, I exchanged my great passion flying – for marketing and exciting years working in different Swiss companies.

Alles über mich wie die Geschichte beginnt
Caroline tyding closet

The infinitely big topic of tidying...

The last professional change included a break: after almost 8 years of accepting the challenge of balancing work and family, it was important to me to bring everything in and around the house back into shape. 

Here, too, to recognize which ballast can be released, presented me with a new challenge. In order to master this, I began to deal intensively with the topics of tidying up and clearing out.

New professional wish...

Soon I realized, that this is an infinitely big topic, it has to do not only with material letting go but also with the emotional farewell to things, relationships, activities, ideals, etc.

During this time I told many people about this challenge and how I learned to overcome it. This gave rise to the idea for my new professional wish: to support other people in tidying up and letting go.

All about me Feederleicht Caroline Bamert
Blabla Ecke Caroline and her experience of tyding

Experience in tidying…

Since 2015, I have already helped dozens of people to declutter and organize their homes and create a much better living situation to lead a feeder easy life.

I have already been able to accompany over 60 people who are enthusiastic about tidying up on their way to becoming a professional tidying coach and pass on all my knowledge and experience to them.

I was able to motivate many participants in my lectures and courses to tackle the tidying up!

My Education, IDs and Certificates…

Head of Training Cert. Professional Organizer FdL (2018)

Integral Coach CIS (2015) 
CAS Social Media Management (2014)
Eidg. Dipl. Markektingplaner (2006) 
Eidg. Dipl. Flight Attendant (1995)
Eidg. Dipl. Kaufmännisch Angestellte (1989)
Eidg. Dipl. Coiffeuse (1988) 

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Education ID and Certificates