Depersonalize for selling (Home staging)

When showing your home to interested people to buy your house, they want to see the house and how THEY could live in. So it is most important to depersonalize the house and reduce the things

Approach of coaching

(Deciding if you want to give away the sorted out things or stow them external while in the selling process)

We wish to sell our home and feel comfortable to show it to interested buyers

Depersonalize (Home staging)

We will move and have to sell our home. Interested buyers should be given the opportunity to see the full potential of the house, so we can purchase it at its maximum value and as fast as possible.

For this reason, we have to remove everything which disturbs the view from the customer’s site and give him the opportunity to imagine, how he could live in it.
Depersonalize (Home staging)

Everything you need for Fr. 110/hour

Includes all equipment you need during sorting out and travel expenses up to 25 km from Rheinfelden (km 25+ Fr. 1.20/km)

Extra costs