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Public lectures 2022

I am looking forward to passing my knowledge on decluttering and organizing as a speaker on the following occasions. The organizers are looking forward to a large number of interested listeners. For details on the individual events, please contact us.

Where is the next Lecture...

January 20, 2022, Reformed Parish Münsingen


Aufgeräumt glücklich sein (German only)


Church premises on the school area 3113 Rubigen (at the train station)


7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

For information on the Ref. Kirchgemeinde Münsingen, please click here

March 24, 2022, Ökumenischer Frauentreff Hinwil


Magic Cleaning – Aufgeräumt durchs Leben gehen (German only)




9.00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.

For information on the ecumeical women’s meeting Hinwi, please click here

November 3rd, 2022, Kneippverein und Frauenverein Domat/Ems


Aufgeräum glücklich sein (German only)


Sentupada,  7013 Domat/Ems


7.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

For information on the Kneippverein Domat/Ems please click here

For information on the Frauenverein Domat/Ems please click here

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Feedback from participants

Thank you very much for your great presentation with helpful tips, which motivated me a lot! I would also like to say that the online version worked surprisingly well for me. My first sense of achievement is the tidy pharmacy and I can hardly wait to go on full of vigour.
Margrit Vaterlaus
participant Webinar
We attended your lecture and would like to thank you once again. You bring the topic of tidying to the audience with a lot of humor and charm. We never thought that “such a topic” would be so entertainingly and funny😊
Brigitte Bieri
participant lecture library in Liestal
Your lecture inspired me a lot, especially the input to go through the tidying process by categories helped me a lot. After countless unsuccessful attempts to discard ballast, I am now on the right path thanks to you: the first 4 110 litre garbage bags are already gone!
Frau A. Wiesner
participant lecture library in Sissach
I enjoyed this evening very much and I went home very motivated. The next morning I started to clear the medication straight away. In the afternoon I brought them to the drugstore. And then it went on in the bathroom with towels, shampoo, etc. There was also a big reduction there. Now it goes on like this. I'm still very motivated and it feels really good. Next up is the wardrobe ... the lecture was brilliant - keep it up!
Sibylle Wobman
participant lecture in Schwarzenberg
Your lecture triggered a lot in me! My husband and I cleared the whole weekend and disposed of a lot of things. In fact, this makes everyday life easier and we feel freer. Order suits me anyway, but I've never applied it so consistently. Besides, I didn't take the time for it very often. Now I have decided to implement this throughout the house. I am very foresighted that I will succeed. The system with the various containers is extremely useful. Once again: Thanks a lot!
Marisa Forster
participant lecture library in Aesch