Home Organizing with Family members and friends

To help the loved ones in tidying is a very delicate thing which needs a sure instinct and respect to the person and her/his belongings.

Traininig Content

Target group: People who help others clearing out, tidying and bring structure to the home, but who do not want to do this as a profession (if you want to become a professional, the course Cert. Professional Organizer FdL is recommended)

You will learn the tidying techniques and the necessary coaching know-how to work as professional organizer in a private environment.

Structure of the course

Day 1 and 2

Tidying techniques and order systems

Day 3

Psychological aspects and coaching know-how 


2 x 1 hour of personal advice from Caroline Bamert during implementation

Facts and Figures

Duration of the training:




Training dates:

Haus Fassade


Nadine Spycher

Caroline Bamert

Head of Education

Information meeting

FEEderleicht does not offer a general information evening but appreciates the personal conversation.
This is absolutely free and without obligation. The meeting takes place in Rheinfelden.
Contact me to make an appointment.

I look forward to it.

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Everything you need to start with your family members and friends for Fr. 1’150

Includes all teaching materials, confirmation of course, snacks and drinks