Organizing of areas/rooms

When living in an organized home there is often a “pain area”, which is messy and not organized as desired. If you want to get rid of this area and have it organized to suit your perfect home, I will be the right person to help

Approach of coaching

Organizing the area of Kitchen

I love to cook, but it is laborious to take out the cooking equipment. I often have to reload a whole cupboard to get through the item I need…
Organizing the area of the kitchen

I would like a well organized and easy to handle the kitchen, so cooking is a pure pleasure…

Organizing the area of the Office

Organizing of areas of Office/Documents

My office is my painpoint because I don’t like to organize the paper. So I put everything on a pile…and a next pile… and a next pile…

I wish to have sorted all documents and learn the process of handling and organizing incoming papers


My wardrobe is full of clothes but I hardly can find pieces in it to dress well.  
Organizing the area of the Wardrobe
I wish a wardrobe with clothes in it I feel pretty to wear. I will find the perfect outfit within seconds.
Organizing the area of the Attic

Attic/Basement/Garden Shed

All things not needed but hard to let go of are stowed in my attic or basement/Garden shed. It is laborious to get to the things stowed here because of seasonal use (Christmas decoration, ski or gardening equipment etc.)

I wish my attic/cellar/garden shed is well organized so I can reach easily the seasonal used equipment and still find space for some precious things I can’t let go of.

Organizing Garage

Everything not needed is stowed in the garage. I can hardly park my car because of all the clutter
Garage Two boys fixing car

I wish I can comfortably park my car and bikes in the garage…

Everything you need for Fr. 110/hour

Includes all equipment you need during sorting out and travel expenses up to 25 km from Rheinfelden (km 25+ Fr. 1.20/km)