Plan your event with Caroline Bamert

I would be happy to come to your club, company or event. You are free to choose the main topic in terms of tidying up and clearing it out. I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to make you a non-binding offer. Find out a Professional Home Organizer job better! Click here for the contact form.

What event can be planned:


Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Costs: from Fr. 390.—


Duration: max. 0.5 hour 

Costs: from Fr. 250.—


Duration: from 2 to 6 hours 

Costs: starts at Fr. 700.—

Feedback from Organizers

Thank you very much for the script and the great, exciting lecture, which together with your humor was incredibly well received. I myself am also enthusiastic and highly motivated to now take on room after room. My first goal: the boxes with the carnival clothes. I would also like to thank you for the great cooperation. So uncomplicated and "tidy"! The prompt call back and answer e-mail I found very valuable - thank you! Translated with (free version)
Silvia Meier
Organizer lecture Familienkreis Ruswil
Thank you very much for your successful and varied presentation yesterday. It motivated many participants to finally tackle a few things again. I thought it was great to feel that so many other people feel the same way and feel the same struggles when tidying up and letting go. Finally, this topic can be talked about openly and occasionally smiled about with a twinkle in the eye.
Christine Kleewein
Organizer lecture Family Center OASE Arlesheim
Thank you again for your participation in our ZeitSicht - what a success! I was overwhelmed by the onslaught and found the event highly stimulating. It's great that you have had the experience with us that you are also very well received as a podium participant.
Anne-Lise Hilty
Organizer of the panel discussion at the GGG Basel City Library
Thank you very much for your interesting, instructive and also humorous lecture. The numerous examples were great, now it's time to implement what we've heard. The feedback was very positive and I am curious to see how often we will be approached by individual success stories in the near future. It was great that you gave us a lecture yesterday!
Béatrice Grand
Organizer of the presentation Frauenbund Döttingen
Thank you for the documents and of course for the great evening in our library. We have received a lot of good feedback!
Jacqueline Eggenschwiler
Organizer lecture Sissach library
Thank you very much for the interesting lecture evening. The response was very good. I wish you continued success!
Paula Birri
Organizer lecture Frauenbund Unterendingen
Your lecture was very exciting, amusing and framed with lots of good tips. The feedback was very positive
Esther Meier
Organizer lecture Landfrauen Thalheim